Tule Lake

	The Tule Lake Segregation Center tells a cautionary tale to Californians and all Americans of how fragile our rights truly are and the need for continuing vigilance to protect our civil liberties and civil rights.  Tule Lake’s significance and unique and tragic role in American history is reflected in its status as a National Historic Landmark (NHL) and National Monument (NM).  

	On Dec. 5, 2008, the Tule Lake Segregation Center NHL area and Camp Tule Lake, a former CCC camp, were designated as part of the Tule Lake Unit of the Valor in the Pacific National Monument by Presidential proclamation, thanks to advocacy on the part of the National Park Service (NPS), the Conservation Fund and the JACL. The NPS appointed David Kruse to serve as Superintendent of the new Tule Lake Unit and will begin budgeting for Tule Lake in 2012.
	Monument Dedication:  The NPS and Tule Lake Committee presented a dedication ceremony for the Tule Lake Unit at the grounds of the Segregation Center NHL during the Pilgrimage conducted over the Fourth of July weekend in 2009.  Over 400 people attended, including NPS Pacific West Regional Director Jon Jarvis (now Director of the NPS), Fish & Wildlife Pacific Southwest Regional Director, Rne Lohoefener, Japanese Consul General Yasumasa Nagamine, members of the Modoc and Siskiyou County Boards of Supervisors, the Mayor of Tule lake, the National Director of the JACL, and representatives Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Congressmen Wally Herger, Tom McClintock and Doris Matsui.
	Jail preservation: In 2009, the Committee was awarded a matching grant from the Japanese American Confinement Sites (JACS) grant program to complete an Historic Structures Report on the stockade jail.  We are working to raise the matching funds so preservation can begin.
	Tule Lake/NPS Website: The Committee was also awarded a grant from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEPE) to develop the NPS website for the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, Tule Lake Unit. The Committee has identified and gathered materials for the site including those concerning incorrect and euphemistic terminology. 
	Save America’s Treasures:  The Committee was awarded a Save America’s Treasures matching grant to rehabilitate an historic Carpenter’s Shop.  To help with the SAT match, the Committee received a grant from the CCLPEP. The Committee is seeking more funding sources for the SAT match.  
	Tule Lake NM activities: The new Tule Lake NM is temporarily housed at the local Butte Valley Fairgrounds Museum, where an NPS ranger offers information and site tours at the existing Tule Lake Segregation Center exhibit.  The Tule Lake NM is beginning to identify various interest groups and constituencies to examine “Key Stories and Themes for the Tule Lake Unit of World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument” for a General Management Plan for the future of the Tule Lake NM.  The first meetings were held in February 2010. 
	Oral Histories:  The Committee also received a grant from the California Council on the humanities to use oral histories to tell the stories of protest at Tule Lake, and is working with Densho to record and make those interviews available at the NPS Tule Lake website and Densho.org. The Committee is also partnering with Densho and the National Historical Society to complete additional full-life oral histories of persons who were incarcerated in Tule Lake and renounced their U.S. citizenship.

2011 Tule Lake Pilgrimage Saturday, June 30 -  Tuesday, July 3

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