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Past Pilgrimages

2011  Honoring Champions of Civil Rights; Keynote speaker: Mako Nakagawa on euphemistic language. Recognition of Fred Korematsu, Frank Emi and William Hohri.  Featuring Mary Kageyama Nomura, the Songbird of Manzanar. Recognition to Alisa Lynch, for her 10 years as Chief of Interpretation, MNHS, Richard Potashin, NPS Ranger, and Mo Nishida on the 20th Anniversary of the 50/500 Run to Manzanar.           


2009    A Time for Remembrance and Renewal; Keynote address: Ron Wakabayashi, Regional Director, U.S.                                                       Department of Justice, Community Relations Service.  Sue Kunitomi Legacy Award,  Tak Yamamoto. Recognition awards to Tom Leatherman, former superintendent MNHS, LA DWP, David Nahai, Rev. Paul Nakamura.




2005    Retrospection and Relevance, Commemorating the First Manzanar Pilgrimage and Its Meaning for Today; Keynote address: Warren Furutani, Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees member. UCLA Muslim student Yousef Tasjar, and Lisa Joe sang in honor of her mother, the late Sue Okabe, ”Songbird of Minidoka.

2004    Keep It Going, Pass It On; Grand Opening of Interpretive Center and Park Headquarters, Opening speech: Manzanar Committee Chair Sue Embrey,  featuring Mary Kageyama Nomura, Ken Koshio, Taiko Center of Los Angeles,.

2003    “A Call to Action: End Racial Profiling, Speak Out for Peace.” Honoring Jerome and Poston Camps. Featuring Visiting Violette, Ken Koshio and Taiko Center of Los Angeles. Kathy Masaoka from the NCRR 9/11 Committee update on Japanese American and Arab American solidarity and Asian Pacific Islanders for Peace and Justice. Joe Yamakido spoke about his experiences at Jerome.

2002    “60th Anniversary of E.O. 9066: Solidarity With Muslims and Arab Americans, Honoring Heart Mountain and Rohwer Internees.” Speakers: Taro O’Sullivan (keynote), Marjorie Matsushita-Sperling (Heart Mountain), Sam Hakim (Muslim Public Affairs Council), Rose Ochi (Rohwer Reunion Committee), featuring performance by zero3.Pilgrimage is dedicated to Grace Harada.

2001    “Preserve our History, Create a Legacy: A Salute to Gila River and Topaz.” Honoring 50-500 Indigenous Elder Committee. Featuring: 47 Interfaith Taiko Drummers from Chikara Taiko, Kinnara Taiko and Yoki Daiko. Speakers: Hy Shishino, Jenny Chomori, Rose Ochi, Rymo Cortado.  Remembering Shiro “Shi” Nomura and Walter Woodward,

2000    “A Reason to Share: A Tribute to Amache and Tule Lake.” Featuring Musical Guest: Asian Persuasian. Speakers: Hiroshi Shimizu, Stephanie Miyashiro, Thomas Shigekuni, Robert Stanton. Presentation to First Manzanar National Historic Site Superintendent Ross Hopkins.

1999    “ALL CAMP REUNION: Raise the Banner!” Featuring Taiko Master Kenny Endo, Atomic Nancy, Sharon Koga, George Abe, Rev. Mas Kodani. Speakers: Alan Nishio, George Kiriyama, Sumi Shimatsu, Bill Watanabe. Remembering Reverend Ren Kimura and Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.

1998    “UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Justice for All!” 10th Anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. Featuring Cynthia Gates Fujikawa. Speakers: Kay Ochi, NCRR, Martha Nakagawa, Poet. Overnight Camp-Out in Independence.


1996    “Bridging Generations: Moving Forward.” Student Statements.




1992    50 Year Remembrance Japanese American Internment: “Lest We Forget.” Dedication of National Historic Site, Remembering Ralph Lazo.