"This poem / rap was shared by Rymo Cortado at the 2001 Manzanar Pilgrimage during the day's program at the camp.

Barren Paradise
by Rymo Cortado

Barricaded barracks bearing the pain bared
California bears roaring and banished into barren lands of anguish
Mountain ranges caress the sky, eyeing down on the burned history
Whispers echo thru this abandon ghetto
Couldn’t let go of the homesick thoughts of the metropolitan
Politic polished by prejudice manifesting the destiny of the innocent
By menacing a sacred heritage, tearing it like perforated paper,
Major minorities minor majorities waiting for the final hours to unleash the power
Some have found words of inspiration like I & I who have only heard it.
But do not see it
Civil rights scratched like your first born kidnapped, and left to rot
By twisted plots, shots called and busted,
In God we trusted, in God we trusted
Living my life by the ranging & rusting over percussion
Forgotten discussions, rotting memories sent from heaven’s furnace, real facts
Freedom is a man made concept, take your back….

Previously published in the Kamai Forum Community Activities and Perspective. Submitted by Bill Sorro.