54th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage Official Photo Essay

Even though we published photographs of the 54th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage a few days ago, we’re also publishing our “official” photo essay from the event, featuring the stunning photographs by professional photographers Geri Ferguson and Mark Kirchner. Mark and Geri have generously provided photographs of the Manzanar Pilgrimage to us for several years now and,... Continue Reading →

Manzanar Committee Advises Participants to Bring Chairs and Umbrellas to the 54th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage

LOS ANGELES — On April 19, the Manzanar Committee advised that those attending the 54th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage on Saturday, April 29, 2023, should bring their own chairs, and/or umbrellas/parasols to the event. Unlike recent Pilgrimages, there will be no tent/covered seating area, and possibly no chairs, or a very limited number of chairs, due... Continue Reading →

Manzanar Committee Seeks Community Support for “Manzanar Remembered” Archival Project

LOS ANGELES — The Manzanar Committee seeks community support for its archival history project, “Manzanar Remembered: An Online Archive of Pilgrimages and the Endeavor to Establish the Manzanar National Historic Site.” The project seeks to preserve and digitize material related to the beginnings of the annual Manzanar Pilgrimages, and efforts to create the Manzanar National... Continue Reading →

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