Leslie Aguilar Named Inaugural Recipient of Arnold Maeda Manzanar Pilgrimage Grant

The following is an article from the Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument Committee. by Phyllis Hayashibara, Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument Committee In December, 2020, the Manzanar Committee and the Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument (VJAMM) Committee announced Leslie Aguilar of Los Angeles, a recent graduate of UCLA, as the inaugural recipient of the Arnold... Continue Reading →

Towards a More Democratic Future

The following is an official statement of the Manzanar Committee. At the end of World War II, our community was at a crossroads. Faced with the monumental task of rebuilding lives after the so-called “resettlement,” Japanese Americans had to navigate relating to a country that had just locked them away for no other reason than... Continue Reading →

Building the Future Through the Student Awards Program

The Manzanar Committee Student Awards Program recognizes students who demonstrate an understanding of the guiding principles of civil rights and social justice through their projects. We are proud to announce the winners of our Fifth Annual Student Awards Program. We particularly want to commend all our student participants, their families, and their hard-working teachers for... Continue Reading →

Voting is a Right in a Democracy

Voting Rights: A Cornerstone of Our Democracy Voting is central to our democracy. The ability to have a voice in choosing who represents us, who makes decisions that impact our lives, our families, and communities, is a cornerstone of our democracy. Voting is key to the realization of the promise of the Constitution of the... Continue Reading →

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